i wanna watch the new doctor who episode but the kitchen light is on (no i’m not too lazy to get up and turn it off). it just seems like it’s gonna be a nice creepy one and i know that my roommate is gonna come out of his room and start doing dishes right when it gets to the good bits.

yep, here he comes, a nice hour after he left the kitchen. false alarm, just grabbing potato chips…

edit: and here comes other roommate and friends, taking way too long to get into the apartment. and now he’s gonna put groceries away (literally less than five minutes after i decided to start the episode). oh but not right away. let’s just turn on the kitchen light again and retreat to the bedroom first for an indeterminate amount of time.


aaaaand there goes my computer again
same as last time - someone logged onto aim (yes i still use aim), and the notification noise got stuck (and at the highest possible volume), the computer stopped responding, it blue screened and died. wonder if i should look into a newer device. i don’t want to have to deal with windows 8 though

there’s this really annoying grinding vibrating noise coming from somewhere. not sure if it’s the construction happening three blocks away, or from upstairs. hard to tell. it’s nearly constant (but not), so it’s really hard to ignore. sounds like a vibrating cell phone on a metal table, only amplified.

not doing this primarily to whine, just curious to see how long it lasts, and the timestamp on a post is an easy way to do that


my roommate chooses to sit next to me in the living room while he brushes his teeth, and it really irritates me. am i being overly sensitive about it? it’s a sonicare toothbrush and the buzzing noises of plastic on teeth give me goosebumps (not to mention the thought of aerosolized toothpaste and spit in the air). it’s not like i’m even watching tv or anything that could entertain him.

petty rant ahead!

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watching cold case in the background, and getting more and more angry.

they’re being horribly horribly transphobic, and i’m pretty sure it’s not in a way that’s gonna be resolved by the end of the episode (basically they found out that one of the victims was trans*, and immediately started making fun of her and using male pronouns).

soooo, got home to find that the internet is down at my apartment. no liveblogging for me tonight. much sad. (even my phone’s mobile signal is weak)

dissertation-disaster-2014 update:

got the edits back, one of which relies on another person (who is no longer a part of our lab, but is thankfully still in contact) getting back to me with something, and a host of other fun tasks (combine these five figures into one, whydontcha…). i finished everything (except that one other-person thing) and sent it back, but there’s pretty much zero chance of me finishing this tonight. which makes it at least one day late tomorrow (but technically two days late). this wasn’t a super-hard deadline, but i still feel like crap for not making it. feels like it’ll make a bad impression with my committee members (both of whom have not formally met me yet).

i’m waiting on edits for the last chapter of my dissertation and about to go insane. i can’t do anything further until then, but it’s due today (well technically due yesterday but shhhh). still need to: correct any edits i get, fix up the table of contents for that chapter, and print out the chapter (including a trip to the library for the color pages since our printer is only b&w).