my last full day in this apartment, and i can’t bask in one final day of having space to myself because roommate-girlfriend is still here (is this like a day spa for them while their boyfriends work the entire day?). there goes my plans of singing musicals at the top of my lungs while i pack.

been playing agony aunt to my roommate for the past hour (and counting). i’m thinking he just wants to complain; all of my advice is getting shot down

that girlfriend guest is still here. it’s been over two weeks now, and she’s always around. i need some down time alone, and it’s impossible. also i’m pretty sure she keeps using my eggs. there’s only one left when i know i had about half a dozen. i don’t have car access; i had to walk a mile to get those things. and i can’t even get online easily because our internet isn’t behaving for some reason (on my phone to post this).

i’m dying an apartment-smells-like-fish death, and he hasn’t even started cooking yet. that’s a bad sign, right? is it supposed to smell like sea world this strongly?

i went out on an errand running mission and also to be alone because this guest of my roommate’s will not leave the apartment and it’s been almost a week now. yes this is hypocritical but i’m used to having alone time.

got a bigger pot so i can replant my poor houseplant (maybe pictures later), got the flavor-of-the-month at baskin-robbins (pumpkin cheesecake), and got some eggs which hopefully aforementioned guest will not use before i get a chance to. i’ve just been meaning to make some phone calls and i like to be alone to do so.

i helpfully taped the notice (the one requesting the water stay turned off until 11pm so they could sort out some plumbing issues) directly over the sink in the kitchen (it’s like really obvious and unavoidable to see), and my roommate still zooms straight in and starts running the water. probably not a big deal but still. read, dude!

i wanna watch the new doctor who episode but the kitchen light is on (no i’m not too lazy to get up and turn it off). it just seems like it’s gonna be a nice creepy one and i know that my roommate is gonna come out of his room and start doing dishes right when it gets to the good bits.

yep, here he comes, a nice hour after he left the kitchen. false alarm, just grabbing potato chips…

edit: and here comes other roommate and friends, taking way too long to get into the apartment. and now he’s gonna put groceries away (literally less than five minutes after i decided to start the episode). oh but not right away. let’s just turn on the kitchen light again and retreat to the bedroom first for an indeterminate amount of time.


aaaaand there goes my computer again
same as last time - someone logged onto aim (yes i still use aim), and the notification noise got stuck (and at the highest possible volume), the computer stopped responding, it blue screened and died. wonder if i should look into a newer device. i don’t want to have to deal with windows 8 though

there’s this really annoying grinding vibrating noise coming from somewhere. not sure if it’s the construction happening three blocks away, or from upstairs. hard to tell. it’s nearly constant (but not), so it’s really hard to ignore. sounds like a vibrating cell phone on a metal table, only amplified.

not doing this primarily to whine, just curious to see how long it lasts, and the timestamp on a post is an easy way to do that