Stand Like This for 2 Minutes Per Day
from http://jamesclear.com/body-language-how-to-be-confident

No, for real, though—this is a thing.  Not sure about the science behind it, but it makes me feel fancy and powerful regardless.  I highly recommend it.

There actually is legit science behind this. In fact, here’s an entire TED Talk about the science behind it, and the confidence-related chemicals that your brain produces JUST BY YOU STANDING LIKE THIS.

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everyone seems to have lost their shit over the Oscar Wilde/Walt Whitman thing and I get why, but my favorite old timey sex story is that Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor allegedly had a bet going to see who could fuck James Dean first and Rock Hudson won.


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…the ice in that look.

Kurt was in do-not-touch mode with the wider world until the very end.  And Puck wasn’t in any state to notice. 

This is the weirdest moment in the episode. Because how easily could this shot be from an entirely different narrative where Kurt — either in this world or the next — is overseeing his own memorial.  I mean, the episode did this great job about grief is for the self, but crap, this was positively creepy, and there’s a pretty convincing argument to be made (“glee club saved my kids life”) for Kurt repurposing directives he once made note of for other reasons.

The ice in this look — at first I poetically read it as “How dare you touch Death?” but really it’s “How dare you touch this talisman of the living?” Because everyone’s dead, everyone feels like this is a bad dream… except Finn, who just isn’t there.

I’m not sure we’ve ever seen Kurt be both this peculiar and this self-aware at the same time ever.  He’s so Other here.

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It was said that that the episode would show a lot of different ways that people grieve and deal with death and I have to agree that this was spot on. I was particularly taken by how in character everyone’s reactions were, even those who were in the background. No ones emotions were forced to fit into a single archetype, which was what I was particularly worried about. But it was done absolutely beautifully. Here are just a few of them.

(I’m skipping Rachel purposefully as respect to Lea’s personal grieving process)

Will (the rock) - Schue is the leader and the authority among the kids and he makes himself be a solid foundation for those around him. Mentally and emotionally, he can not allow himself to deal with the situation until he knows that everyone else has been taken care of first. He doesn’t necessarily have to help everyone himself, but he needs, for his own peace of mind, that everyone else is taken care of. We see Schue as the last to break down because, in that moment, after taking to Rachel and Santana and everyone else, that it is finally okay for him to take care of himself. 

Kurt (the guide) - Kurt is someone who has dealt with a lot of pain in his life. He lost his mom at a young age, almost lost his dad twice. He is experienced in dealing with emotions and, by nature, he is someone who constantly keeps himself moving forward despite obstacles. He is strong and, although that doesn’t make it easier to deal with things, it does give him the tools and knowledge necessary to do so. He continues to move forward through his mourning process with acceptance and he helps to support others in it as well. As he works through it, he passes on the comfort to others who need it as well. In this case, his support and comfort are symbolized in his passing Finn’s jacket to Santana. 

Santana (the anger) - Santana shows herself in the episode dealing with the death in much the way she always has dealt with things, with anger. She’s even out-rightly said before that she goes rage when stressed or upset. What I found particularly interesting about her was how hard she was trying to do that. Since finding self-acceptance, she has become a much gentler, kinder, happier person. But when faced when something like death, she reverts into that place of protection, the “old” Santana. Her emotions come out in fury and she can not keep herself from letting out. They land in the form of attacking Sue and screaming when Will attempts to touch her. But when all it’s all out, she’s able to come back down and start working on finding peace. 

Puck (the lost) - Puck is quite simply lost. Not just lost without Finn, but also lost in how to deal with his grief. We see him defensive, they talk about him drinking the pain away, he tells Bieste that he doesn’t want to cry for fear that he’ll never stop. He’s too afraid at first to even begin his grieving process because he doesn’t know how to get to the other side and it’s frightening. It takes a lot of help from Bieste to coax him into moving forward and to start dealing with the things that he doesn’t want to deal with. He finally says that it will take him an army to get through it. Puck means it literally, of course, but he also means it in the sense that taking care of himself and finding a direction to travel in is what he needs to honor and grieve Finn. 

Tina (the misdirected) - Yes, they handled Tina’s comment as kind of a joke, which they do a lot in glee, but her comments were something true to the grieving process. She says she doesn’t want to wear black anymore because it’s harming her style, something that comes off as kind of selfish. However, probably a lot of people who are grieving find themselves thinking about when it’s appropriate to let go to the sadness. Kurt once told the story of the first Friday Dinner after his mother died and how he and his dad laughed before they remembered they weren’t suppose to yet. Those moments allow for someone who is mourning to find their bearings again, come up from the drowning waters of sadness to think about yourself and where you are for a moment. Tina was searching for a breath of herself, finding her direction again, from Emma. 

Blaine (the mask) - Blaine is a strange one considering that he didn’t speak the entire episode, but that was not because he was unaffected by the situation, it was was how he deals with things. He also didn’t sing along with any of the others’ tribute songs and, for the majority of the episode, he’s sitting away from Kurt and his best friends. We’ve seen Blaine deal with difficult things be bottling them up. Anger, fear, sadness; he locks it up internally and doesn’t let it out. It’s his defensive mechanism to put up a wall around himself to keep the bad things out, but more so to keep the even worse things in. Then, when he can’t hold up the mask anymore, it all breaks out in a tidal wave of pain, like when we see him gripping on to Kurt’s arm for deal life and crying. 



Carra Sykes. Mother + Daughter.

This is so great.

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Industrial designs ideas part III.

Checkout out the grey water into toilet one, now that is brilliant and environmental.

Solar powered solutions and smartphone pocket for your jeans!

This is badass

I love these.

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Dining Etiquette 101 {click link for extra large view}


Dining Etiquette 101 {click link for extra large view}

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Shutdown 101: What’s Going To Happen Tonight At Midnight?


So as this is likely the first government shutdown in the memory of most if not all of the people posting here on tumblr (I was 8 in 1995), it might be helpful to refresh our memories on what exactly is going to happen when the federal government doesn’t have a budget.

  • 800,000 federal employees have to go home. There’s no money to pay them, and coming to work on a volunteer basis gets into some tricky legal areas. While in the past they have successfully lobbied for back pay, there’s no guarantee of it with a divided congress.
  • Air-traffic controllers will remain on duty. ATCs are government employees, but they are members of the 2-million odd employees that are marked as “essential”. They likely will not receive paychecks, however, until the shutdown ends.
  • Airport delays. While the FAA’s security screeners are essential employees, many of the people who work to support them logistically are not.
  • Visa applications and fees will continue to be processed, and foreign embassies and consulates remain open. So if you’re waiting on a visa application, don’t worry, it’s still in the works - though again, it’ll almost certainly be a slower process. Homeland Security and green card operations are included here, though DHS’ e-verify program - the thing that checks on the immigration status of job applicants - will no longer operate.
  • NASA will furlough most of its employees. Essential mission control operations and employees will continue, but the vast majority of NASA employees are going home - and I do mean home, because NASA’s on-site housing for employees is being shut down.
  • The military stops receiving paychecks. While the million and a half members of the US Armed Services stay on duty, they won’t get paid until after the shutdown.
  • The postal service continues as normal.
  • The federal court system stops. According to The Guardian, the federal courts would operate as normal for about 10 days before they have to start sending people home.
  • The NIH screeches to a halt. That includes accepting new patients for clinical research, as well as answering medical questions on their hotline.
  • The CDC will stop its seasonal flu program. According to the Washington Post, it will also have “a significantly reduced capacity to respond to outbreak investigations.”
  • HUD will no longer be able to provide local housing authorities with vouchers. So if you live in government-subsidized housing, your status is very much up in the air.
  • Parks and museums will close. Yosemite, Alcatraz, Yellowstone, the Smithsonian, the Library of Congress, the Statue of Liberty, and about 400 other locations will close - though interestingly, the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon will remain open, because the state of Arizona is picking up the bill.
  • The EPA will shut down. The only thing that stays open at the EPA during a government shutdown is its operations around Superfund sites.
  • OSHA will shut down.
  • Social Security will be partially defunded. Social Security, as an entitlement, will remain open enough to keep the checks going out, but will lose enough staff that they won’t be able to schedule new hearings.
  • VA Benefits will be cut. VA hospitals remain open, but that’s about it - and if the shutdown lasts longer than a few weeks, the Department of Veterans Affairs has said that it might not have enough money to pay disability claims and pensions.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully it gives everyone a pretty good idea of what we’re going to be looking at over the next few days, weeks, or (god forbid) months.

Feel free to send me an ask with any questions you have, and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.

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Guys, I’m losing my shit. So, observe the humble tomato.


The scientific name for tomatoes is Lycopersicon esculentum, which apparently translates to "edible wolf peach

Why? Apparently there was an old superstition that members of the nightshade  (which includes tomatoes) were used by witches to summon werewolves.

You heard me. Suddenly that spaghetti sauce doesn’t seem so innocent.

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