me in every social situation: we can be friends when you take harry potter a little more seriously

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I am a woman. I am a practicing attorney. I am the only woman in my office over the age of 35 who doesn’t color her hair. I have some gray, but not a lot yet, and I never seriously considered coloring my hair until this job. I don’t want to: it’s expensive and a pain in the ass to keep up. About a year ago, I was in court, and a female attorney walked in with curly, bobbed, naturally gray hair, and her mere act of publicly displaying her natural hair color seemed not just unusual but defiant. Meanwhile many men in my office and in the courts have gray hair, and I doubt anyone thinks twice about it.

Same in my office.  I’ve got a lot of grey, still mostly hiding under a solidly brown top layer, but I’ve got no plans to dye.  My mother’s silver is gorgeous.

My grey is coming in a bright, shocking silver, if it weren’t, I might be less into it, but I’m into it.

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Marvel Studios presents: The Actors and the Snipers Threat.

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sex isn’t the be all end all



babe u buyin this



sam we’ve shared living space


i’m pretty sure you know how we feel about sex

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"I swear to god, Steve, I will drop the PASIV out of this fucking window if you don’t tell me RIGHT NOW why you thought taking this goddamn job was a good idea, what with Bucky running around in our heads trying to shoot us out of our dreams."

"Can’t you feel it, Clint? You’re antsy. We’re all antsy. We’ve been the best dreamshare team there is out there since Cobb’s disbanded, and we haven’t gone under in over a year."

Avengers Inception AU  wherein Thor of Odin Corp. hires Steve Rogers’ elite dreamsharing team to perform inception on his brother, Loki, and a shade of their ex-resident thief Bucky (who was killed when the team’s last job went horribly wrong) tries his best to sabotage it.

Or: Steve extracts, Tony builds, Clint runs point, Natasha’s a master of impersonation, Bruce concocts, Thor’s a tourist, and things happen.

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#homeboy was literally busting out of that shirt


Gif 5 makes me question all that is and all that ever will be

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fav person of the day

because actually helping people with cosplay emergencies!

literally the most important man at supanova this year

he gave me double sided tape

what a good human being

petition to have a designated Captain Patch-It at all cons from now on.

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